(Jake Watt / 2020 ©)


I’m bleeding counting score
Suffering your filthy war
You want it, you take it, yet need more

I’m lucky I’m golden age
I’m a greedy macrophage
Enough around me to suffocate


Would you play the same game
Or would you let me in?
Would you play the same game
Or would you turn on me?


Stateless I’m begging you
Couldn’t care less helping you out
No empathy don’t bother me

Homeless left aside
Western’s foolish pride
Smiling and needing and wasting


When time comes and you’re in line
I’ll treat your sons like you did mine
What goes around in time comes around




(Jake Watt  / 2020 ©)


Needless to say
Enjoy the final hours of recklessness
Worthless to pray
And so is hope when all bear selfishness
Delusional decay - bygone History
You’ll feel sorry - you’re not alone


Your body bears the seed
And our final chance to fullness
Ornemental greed
Our fruit is doomed to darkness
Sentimental play - awful mysery
You’ll feel sorry - you’re not alone


Endless array
However seldomly meets happiness
Immortal cliche
In the twilight lurks apocalypse
Seize what you may - fallout on your lips
In that artery you’re all alone.


Early on but say no more
Scattered memories washed ashore
Silently, peacefully
Accepting fate & irony

Greatness is a weakness, for you must fall
Helpless as you witness the undertow
This sickness bears with me now
This sickness bears with me now.




(Jake Watt / 2020 ©)


Another blind date, a night on the run
The picture is fading, so comfortably numb
Yet i can’t seem to find a place i belong


Not for a second, not for a day
Don’t walk in my footsteps, please show me the way
I never talk out of turn but this is my song, so


Can you hear me now?


I wear the colors of shame every once in a while
I got fever anxiety my heart pumping wild
I should tell you to sod off with a nice pretty smile


Nor more critics nor pride they don’t work either way
When i don’t know i don’t know i got nothing to hide
I don’t care who i am, it’s up to you to decide



(Jake Watt / 2020 ©)


You hold your pride as a banner
Only to deceive
With words that float like a feather
Ephemeral atmosphere watch me disappear
Cause i don’t belong here watch me disappear


The truth is under your tongue
You surely will not die
Time has too many faces
Righteous demagogue watch me disappear
Cause i don’t belong here watch me disappear


Its time to move on
Its time to start over now


Belief is all that is left said
The joker to the thief
A world of golden threaded lies
Zero gravity watch me disappear
Cause i don’t belong here watch me disappear


You teach and preach to the wise
But they will do no wrong
A path of infinite darkness
I see them multiply watch me disappear
Cause i don’t belong here watch me disappear





(Jake Watt / 2020 ©)


It’s been too long since i last met my good friend John

Happiness, one of his many shirts
He’d wear it every day my good friend John

No binding rules, no written clause no
Meaningless promises no endless prose

He’s been taking time
I’ve been wasting mine
Half is left to redefine


He would sit and dwell on the morning dew
He was just passing through where others fell

He could change his ways but he would not dismiss
That he so dearly missed the good old days


I do recall the one true thing about John
It was either all, or it was none.

In the dead of night burns a candle bright
And the visions of my good friend John.